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Elizabeth Marks
Amid the atrocities of the Armenian genocide, a young boy survives to become a man of courage, compassion and honor

About Elizabeth Marks

Elizabeth Marks (Margosian) was born and grew up in an Armenian community in Watertown, Massachusetts, where she lived with her parents, brother, and her Armenian aunt and uncle. Most of her childhood friends were Armenian. With her Aunt Mary doing all the cooking, she learned to love the cuisine and would spend hours in the kitchen watching her aunt cook. Though she spent long periods of time in the UK with her mother and away from her father and the Armenian community, Elizabeth counts among her treasures early childhood memories of her father telling her fanciful bedtime stories of a heroic young man and his adventures.

Years after her father died, Elizabeth learned of an unpublished manuscript and determined it was largely the story of her father’s life. Reading it, she realized the tales he had been telling her were real events he had lived through. She set out to validate what she read through family interviews and historical documentation. Completing the manuscript became a labor of love and a re-discovery of the father she hadn’t really known but learned to respect and cherish.

Elizabeth lives with her husband in Los Angeles and is a principal in a global consulting firm.

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